Yamhill-Carlton CDC is a grassroots organization that has developed through collaborative works of multiple  individuals and local businesses within the Yamhill-Carlton area. This organization provides a funnel for a group of individuals who share a life-long passion for serving our community’s most vulnerable members, and represents our common goal of approaching early-childhood education with holistic methods.

The history of our organization begun with a common discontent for the current public education system, and the lack of play and individualized attention impressible children receive while “learning.”  This program was development based on the needs of the community, the need for quality affordable childcare and early intervention services.  As well as these programs and services need to be accessible to those who need them the most, and finally these programs need to foster transferable skills to better prepare students for kindergarten.

Our community needs equal access to quality education, as well as empowering parents by promoting community efforts in order to build sustainable relationships. The answer to this need was the Yamhill-Carlton Child Development Center in partnership with The First Baptist Church of Carlton.  The program’s Director had a meeting with the local Pastor, which resulted in a presentation for the board of Deacons to consider housing the program.  As a collective we have been putting one step in front of the other as things progress we move forward.