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Our team here at YCCDC strive to foster positive relationships between students, staff, and the community through daily mindful actions.

Our curriculum is designed to support “the whole child,” and facilitates access to learning for all students. Our community strives to foster positive interactions with our early learners that results in positive educational experiences. Our team strives to think beyond the traditional classroom and foster a genuine sense of place and belonging for students, staff, and families. Our classroom reflects the comforts of home, and the organization of school.

Our classroom has an open-door policy that welcomes the whole community. We strive to create a sense of belonging for all students, to better foster the feeling of security while promoting independence and a positive self-image. Our programs philosophy and “the whole child” approach generates connections among families, community, and professionals where meaningful relationships are built and nurtured.

We believe children are strong, competent, inventive and full of ideas to explore. The curiosity of children makes them question and research the reasons of all that surrounds them. Their learning and understanding becomes visible through many symbolic languages such as paint, dance, building and sculpture. The environment of our classroom plays a huge role in our work.

Our classroom keeps space flexible and materials open-ended to allow the students to explore their inherited curiosity and creativity. Providing “white space” for students promotes self-discovery and personal growth. Our staff acts as facilitators to gently guide students while demonstrating the importance of the use of creative arts in the classroom.

Our practices support sensory integration and exploration of nature materials the students can transform into functional attributes for the whole class and community. The use of natural materials when building while aligning supports to reflect the individual needs of the child, will encourage active engagement and participation throughout the task.

Our gardening curriculum will give students the opportunity to explore nature in its organic state, and cultivate a deep understanding for living things. This component of the program will expose students to the beauty that is found within nature, and how to respect our natural resources and appreciate the contributions nature brings to our livelihoods. The practice of caring for living plants and animals will foster compassion and understanding for the needs of others, and demonstrate how we can support each other on a common ground.

Our program is structured to include students during decision-making processes, as to promote individual responsibility for their learning. Farming plays a big role throughout our local community, and our program wants to support those efforts through awareness, educations, and inclusion.

Yes Working with plants and animals is a sensory experience all within itself. We strive to support students with utilizing all their senses to discover the world around them. Our senses provide different information to the brain, and decoding these messages can effectively encourage students to discover their likes and dislikes.

Experiencing the world through our senses can help foster a better understanding of how the world works, and enable “real life” conversation. These conversations would be student-led to better  promote critical thinking skills, and foster literacy. Engaging our senses can enable students to experience different textures or captivating aromas, expanding their knowledge of the world around them. Implementing the visual arts creates an environment where students can recreate how they see the world, again sparking human interaction among the class community.

We listen, watch and ask provocative questions to invite the child’s understanding of world to the surface. We give the children an opportunity to revisit, reflect and interpret their understandings of the world through play, art, and dialogue.. We work to make their learning visible to their parents and other adults as we document the depth of the children’s work.

The power of sensory and aesthetic elements throughout our classroom environment creates a space where children can discover other’s differences and recognize similarities within their peers. We strive to facilitate non-violent conflict resolution and foster positive communication among students, families, staff, and visitors. With the projected outcomes of creating  meaningful relationships with each other and positive experiences to take to the next stage of life. We want to better prepare our early learners for kindergarten with the essential tools needed to succeed in today’s modern classroom.

Play is at the heart of all we do!  We strive for inclusion, equality, and community through holistic practices that nurture the individual child.

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